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Atom/RSS feed has the last 10 announcements. W3C_WAI on Twitter · WAI YouTube channel has videos and you can subscribe to get notification when we post 

ใช้งาน YouTube Feed API ร่วมกับ PHP ดึงรายการ Video - Daydev 13 มี.ค. 2014 วิธีการเขียนโปรแกรมภาษา PHP ร่วมกับ YouTube API ดึง Feed ของหน้า YouTube Channel รายการ Video ต่างๆ มาปรากฏในแบบที่เราต้องการร่วมกับ CSS  Build a realtime activity feed with Laravel - Pusher 5 Mar 2017 Build an live activity feed that display user behaviour into an event-based timeline Authorization logic is written in the routes/channels.php . Serviio • View topic - YouTube The easiest way to add YouTube feeds to Serviio is by using this Firefox plugin. Code: RSS feed URL, examples are here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=3279.

PHP Code Samples | YouTube Data API | Google Developers

If you have trouble viewing, please Click Here. To view on the Washoe County YouTube Channel, Click Here. Share this page update! - NationBuilder 29 Apr 2016 update not only makes our regular options (like youtube) a Get WAI News | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C

17 Jan 2017 Embedding a YouTube API Feed as HTML. As before, the PHP namespace Chirp; // Original PHP code by Chirp Internet:. display a single channel as HTML function display_channel($data) { extract($data); $this->retval . Display YouTube videos from a users RSS Feed with PHP 30 Oct 2012 The demo loads the 10 latest videos from my YouTube channel. To get started first create a function to use curl which will load the rss feed to 

GEM Connection Links LABBS YouTube channel: LABBS YouTube channel showing lots of examples of the barbershop style. PHP Social Stream Documentation - Axent Media 10 Jul 2015 With this script you can create a stylish fascinating social media feed Enter a YouTube channel ID - e.g. UC1yP5nx6JNEBQI3ps2XFMpz. The County Channel - Beaufort County The County Channel broadcasts all Beaufort County Council and committee meetings, as well as select Boards and Commissions meetings. Also check out  2019 Loon Cam | Loon Preservation Committee

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create_function() is deprecated in PHP 7.2. Started by: PHP Fatal error: Youtube channel gallery plugin One of the videos in uploads feed is missing o.O. Social Media Feeds for your website. - Juicer Social Media of your social media into a beautiful social media feed and embed it on your site. YouTube. Hashtags. Tumblr. Slack. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Blog RSS. Giphy. Scrape web content with PHP (no API? no problem) | End Point 7 Jul 2016 Today I will show you how to get web data using PHP and that it can be We will use this link: update! - NationBuilder

13 Feb 2018 Streaming Multiple Github Account Activity Feeds Using I built my prototype in PHP, but will also be replicating in Node.js, and  Community - TidalCycles userbase #tidal - general channel, anything tidal-related goes; #tidal-install - in-depth help with installing tidal takes Subscribable via RSS/atom feed reader, such as:. RSS - Wikipedia RSS is a type of web feed which allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format. These feeds can, for 

PHP code samples for the YouTube Data API are now available in the APIs samples in the documentation for specific API methods, such as channels.list or  Youtube video list with PHP - CodeProject 6 Jun 2015 Load videos automatically from selected Youtube channel with PHP and Youtube Data API v3. Insert YouTube Channel Feed & Player into any site using JSON Insert YouTube Channel Feed & Player into any site using JSON If anyone prefer a PHP solution, here's what I did to display YouTube channel on a webpage. api-samples/php at master · youtube/api-samples · GitHub Code samples for YouTube APIs, including the YouTube Data API, YouTube so that the channel displays content in a browse view (rather than a feed view).

Send us your feedback! Feedback: [email protected] · IJF YouTube Judo channel. Now: -57 kg: First Round #2. PRK, KIM, Jin A. RUS, KONKINA, Anastasiia  Mecal S.r.l. - SC11 It can strip wires up to 3mm². and can be either coupled to end-feed mini applicators (for end-to-end linked The SC11 can be used with multiple-core wires : - when crimping side feed terminals linked by front Mecal's YouTube Channel  List YouTube channel videos using YouTube Data API in PHP In this post, I am going to show you how you can retrieve and list YouTube channel videos using YouTube data API in PHP. Before you do this, you have to get  Youtube Channel ID, info & stats - Random Comment Picker

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